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Video Demo of
Self-Erecting Tower Crane!

For a demonstration of the mobility, erection, and safety features of the RDLift
Self-Erecting Tower Crane, click on the photo above.



Why consider a Self-Erecting Tower Crane?


For Their Features:

  • Stays on the job 24 hrs a day. No over time, no advanced scheduling. It's there when YOU need it!

  • Operates on 220V, 50 amp power source - available at any job site.

  • You operate crane by Radio Remote Control!

  • Labor savings: Crane on job 24/7 = Smaller Crew = Less Cost


For their versatility:

  • Limited access building sites

  • Hillside building sites

  • Multi family housing projects

  • Log construction

  • Timber Framed construction

  • Multi-level construction

  • Light Commercial construction

  • Any time when you need safe, convenient,
    affordable lifting




For Their Safety:

  • Built-in load limit switches

  • Anti-two-block limit switch

  • "weather vanes" when not in use

  • Safety manual and daily Safety Inspection procedures




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