Stonepeak invests in critical digital infrastructure including data centers, fiber, residential broadband, small cell, and tower assets across the globe.

Focused on fast-growing markets

Demand for interconnectivity continues to grow, with the global pandemic having further highlighted the critical role of reliable, high-speed home internet as being akin to the “fourth utility.”

Data traffic and mobile data are growing exponentially, underpinned by the proliferation of the cloud, ubiquitous consumer and enterprise applications, and the rollout of 5G and comprehensive residential high speed broadband access.

Investing across the communications landscape

We invest across the expanding digital infrastructure landscape, with investments including data centers supporting interconnected campus ecosystems and hyperscale cloud deployments, 5G wireless infrastructure including towers and small cells, residential broadband networks, and metro, long haul and subsea fiber.

An increasingly global portfolio

Our activity in this sector is focused on owning irreplicable assets, in fast-growing markets, serving essential needs. We have invested in 15 digital infrastructure platforms across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific with assets in more than 40 countries.

Differentiated perspective

Our experience and success in investing across key digital infrastructure subsectors over the past decade allows us to apply lessons from one investment to another as we deploy capital into new opportunities and geographies. Our ability to think entrepreneurially, identify unique opportunities, and act decisively creates differentiated investment opportunities for our partners.

“The trends of public and hybrid cloud adoption, edge computing, 5G, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things are quickly changing the nature and scale of investment required in digital infrastructure. We are focused on finding exceptional management teams to partner with and support building the networks of the future.”

Andrew Thomas
Senior Managing Director, Head of Communications, Global (ex Europe)

We operate more than 200,000 miles of fiber, which is enough fiber to wrap around the earth's equator 8.3 times
We operate one of the largest interconnection and hyperscale edge-focused data center footprints globally
We own one of the world's largest privately held spectrum portfolios

“In our increasingly connected society, we believe there is an extraordinary opportunity to deliver faster speeds and greater coverage to enterprises and consumers, and to enhance the ways we process, store, and transport data enabling many aspects of everyday life.”

Cyrus Gentry
Managing Director, Head of Communications, Europe

Portfolio highlights

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Driving connectivity across North America

Driving connectivity across North America

Cologix is the leading private interconnection and hyperscale edge platform in North America, connecting businesses to more than 700+ networks and 360+ cloud providers across North American data centers.