Stonepeak invests in mission critical energy infrastructure around the world.

“We are committed to investing in infrastructure that will support an equitable, reliable, and affordable energy transition. We are at the forefront of investing across the energy value chain, from renewable energy, to the infrastructure enabling cleaner fuels and mass electrification.”

Jack Howell

A sector in transition

Few sectors are evolving as rapidly as the global energy sector. Global demand for energy continues to rise in tandem with increasing pressure on both the public and private sectors to find cleaner ways of meeting that demand. Investing in this rapidly shifting environment requires us to balance the world’s desire for a green future with energy security and reliability.

The changing energy landscape continues to create new investment opportunities, from LNG and traditional fuel plant conversions to renewable fuels and electric vehicle infrastructure. Our team applies a thematic and relationship-driven approach to sourcing opportunities in this sector, coupled with strong operational acumen and a rigorous focus on downside protection.

Responsibly owning and operating traditional energy assets

While the global transition toward renewable energy is accelerating, most of the world’s energy needs will continue to be met through traditional sources for years to come. We believe a successful energy transition requires both investing into new low carbon energy assets as well as ongoing responsible investment into and stewardship of traditional energy assets. Although traditional energy assets have become a smaller portion of our overall portfolio, we seek to carefully steward and manage our traditional energy assets with a strong focus on operational improvement from an ESG perspective.

A growing role for renewable power

Our existing global portfolio of renewables investments includes offshore and onshore wind platforms, as well as utility-scale and commercial and industrial solar platforms. Renewable energy provides a critical pathway to decarbonize the electricity sector – it is an increasingly attractive investment area given continued economic and public policy tailwinds, combined with technological progress.

Safeguarding energy sector security and reliability

We were early to recognize the important role natural gas would play in transitioning away from higher emission baseload power sources such as coal and oil. We also recognize the importance of eliminating methane leakage, a gas with 80x the warming impact of CO2. Our responsible ownership focus not only supports safe and reliable operations, but importantly informs our view that technological developments with respect to carbon abatement and cleaner burning gases are inevitable, necessary, and represent an exciting new area for investment.

Our renewables portfolio has the potential to produce ~2,140 gigawatt hours of annual renewable energy, which is enough to power ~201,000 US households per year1

(1) As of October 2023; calculated using the forecasted operational assets and historical capacity factors from Stonepeak’s portfolio and the EIA’s 2021 US average household electricity usage.
West Texas Gas' pipe monitoring processes, including system-wide aerial flyovers, have resulted in integrity improvements and led to a direct reduction of ~22.7 million cubic feet per day of ratable methane emissions in 2023
Our renewables portfolio companies have avoided 495k metric tons of lifetime carbon emissions, which equals taking 110k cars off the road for 1 year2

(2) As of July 2023

“Working in an increasingly supportive regulatory environment, we expect the economics of the renewables sector to improve considerably and to see more opportunities for investment in renewable fuels, hydrogen fuel, renewable power and batteries, and electric vehicles globally.”

Hajir Naghdy
Senior Managing Director, Head of Asia and Middle East

The move toward renewable fuels

Renewable fuels offer a key transition opportunity to cleaner sources of energy supply that are proven technologically and operating today. Renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel, and renewable natural gas all serve as cleaner fuel sources relative to fossil fuel alternatives and are already compatible with existing transportation and technology.

Increasing role of hydrogen in the energy mix

Hydrogen presents a compelling opportunity for investment as it becomes more widely recognized as another option for cleaner power generation and harder to electrify transport and industrial processes. Widespread use of hydrogen as a clean energy source should be a significant contributor to reduced global CO2 emissions over the coming years.

“Transforming the world’s energy infrastructure is both the greatest challenge and the biggest investment opportunity of our generation. This encompasses what we transition to and where we transition from. These parallel objectives are equally important.”

Daniel Wong
Senior Managing Director,
Head of Europe

The rise of electric vehicles, batteries and storage

The global electric vehicle market is expected to see continued high growth. Batteries will also be a key component as EV growth materializes alongside incremental power demand. The proliferation of electric vehicles and associated infrastructure will require substantial private investment, and we believe the electrification of critical transportation assets has compelling long-term industry and ESG tailwinds.

Portfolio highlights

Workers fix solar panels

Powering the transition to solar energy infrastructure

Powering the transition to solar energy infrastructure

Madison Energy, a realized investment, is accelerating the energy transition by bringing solar energy generation and energy storage to universities, distribution centers, data centers, and other commercial, municipal, and industrial customers across North America.