We fund assets that power homes, secure jobs and feed families

We specialize in infrastructure and real assets, investing capital on behalf of pensions, endowments and other large institutions from around the world, looking to grow these critical assets to create value for all stakeholders.

We invest in the infrastructure that underpins all our daily lives – the physical assets that power homes, connect communities to the internet, feed families, enable travel, and deliver goods.

Our track record is founded on investing in essential infrastructure that delivers enduring social utility. We work closely with management teams, bringing growth capital, operational expertise, and technologies that help build better businesses and create value for our stakeholders.

Assets under management
Global staff
Institutional investors

AUM as of December 2022, inclusive of subsequent committed capital. All other figures as of February 2023.

We seek out opportunities to actively drive positive long-term outcomes for our environment and communities.

Recognizing our ability to have a meaningful impact on the world through our investments, we approach responsible investing in a manner that is substantive and realistic.


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Life at stonepeak

Life at Stonepeak

We share a commitment to achieving the highest quality in all that we do – in our relationships, our research and thinking, how we embrace our responsibilities, the businesses we build and the results we achieve.

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At Stonepeak, we are willing to depart from the conventional – not casually or for its own sake but carefully, open to other views, welcoming challenge.

We offer something different –
a thoughtful alternative.