Stonepeak invests in critical transportation and logistics infrastructure across the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

“The need for decarbonization is a powerful trend requiring significant capex and innovation across the universe of existing transportation and logistics assets. We seek opportunities to invest in those businesses at the forefront of this trend, who are both providing essential transport and logistical services while at the same time solving the complex sustainability needs of their customers.”

James Wyper
Senior Managing Director, Head of Transport & Logistics

Changing consumption patterns

Increased consumer spending, the surging demand for goods versus services, and the growing reliance of society on e-commerce are creating opportunities to invest in the improvement and expansion of the global supply chain. Equally, the global energy transition has opened additional avenues for investment in LNG and clean fuels transportation to meet the increased demand for these sources of energy in markets around the world.

Deploying capital and technology to meet future expectations

We invest in support of businesses moving toward and benefiting from global thematic trends favoring more efficient and sustainable supply chains. Low-emission modes of transport such as rail and shipping will require additional investment to enhance their sustainability profiles, and infrastructure logistics operators and service providers will increasingly deploy advanced technologies to address complex problems such as efficient routing, energy and waste management, and space optimization.

Investing in strategically positioned assets worldwide

We seek out value among strategically advantaged businesses by investing in assets supported by uncorrelated macroeconomic demand drivers that we expect to outperform in a downturn. Our transport and logistics investments comprise nearly a quarter of our total investments, and to date have included mission-critical food and chemicals logistics infrastructure, transportation for the global energy transition, and opportunistic investments in certain sub-sectors such as aviation.

Opportunistically targeting the most attractive sub-sectors

Our thesis-driven approach to analyzing potential new opportunities allows us to identify what we believe to be the most compelling and emerging subsectors for investment. Across subsectors including last-mile logistics, aviation, or social infrastructure that is critical in supporting our collective well-being, we are thoughtful and highly selective in pursuing only those opportunities that we believe exhibit robust downside protection while benefiting from favorable trends.

75% of total shipping containers enter or exit US seaports on chassis representing $3.3 trillion of freight value or 18% of total US GDP
Kearney (February 2022)
TRAC Intermodal is the largest marine chassis provider in the U.S. with 180,000 chassis and more than 6,000 transportation customers
Lineage operates more than 430 warehouses spanning 20 countries worldwide

“We’re excited about the continued evolution of transport and logistics globally as investment demand across core and emerging subsectors including supply chain, specialty logistics, energy transition and social infrastructure, present new opportunities for capital deployment.”

Luke Taylor
Senior Managing Director, Co-Chief Operating Officer

Portfolio highlights

Cargo ship from above

The backbone of the global supply chain

The backbone of the global supply chain

TRAC Intermodal provides critical infrastructure for the movement of containers to and from ports across the U.S. forming the backbone of the United States’ intermodal supply chain.